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Pope Benedict or Emperor Palpatine?

The new Pope Benedict XVI seems to bear more than a passing resemblance to Emperor Palpatine from the Star Wars movies, in fact some suggest he might even be Emperor Palpatine, and this is just his latest scheme for galactic domination. I have decided to examine the subject more closely and have complied the following reasons why the new pope might actually be a Sith lord.
  • Both of the wear long ornamental robes totally out of fashion with the rest of the culture. True the pope is more colorful than the emperor, but the emperor wears a purple thong under his robes.
  • Both were in evil groups intent on world domination. The emperor was a Sith lord and the pope was in the Hitler youth. But I don’t think Sith lords wore those gay Lederhosen, at least not over their Sith robes.
  • Both have really creepy wrinkly faces and scary smiles. This one seems pretty definite.
  • Both are the leader’s of vast empires who assert total control and rightful domination over everybody. That’s right you rebel heathen scum, get baptized or it’s the Death Star for you.
Well I think that conclusively proves it the pope and Emperor Palpatine are the same person. But I doubt that it will stop Catholics from obeying him, I mean if the covering up of priests raping boys didn’t, nothing will. Edit:  I had to add this picture: pope benedict and children