Beach-Boys Bomb Election Iran John-McCain Politics Post

Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran

[youtube]hAzBxFaio1I[/youtube] John McCain has offically given up on ever becoming president. Apparently his solution to dealing with Iran is to Bomb Bomb Bomb them. First off if you are going to declare war on a nation can you not do it in song form, or at least have some musical accompaniment. Secondly can you pick a song say from the last 30 freaking years. Oh my god how old are you? The Beach Boys, way to seem in touch with today's culture. Couldn't you pick a Rolling Stones song, at least people today actually remember who they are. You could sing "I can't get no economic sanctions, but I try and I try and I try, hey hey hey bomb Iran", see that's much more catchy. I don't get what politicians are thinking I mean don't you realize everything you say will end up on the internet? I would compare this to the infamous Howard Dean scream that got played so many times. I mean is this the kind of president we want who sings to Congress? I don't think so. Nice try McCain maybe in another 4 years you'll be a little smarter.