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Everybody’s Baby Got Back

The year was 1992. Although we didn't know it at the time, America was on the tipping point of a major paradigm shift in fashion, music, and body image. For years, Cosmo had been telling women that they were fat, and a self-reinforcing stereotype of beauty required that there be little, if any, junk in the trunk if a woman was going to be considered attractive. Sir Mix-a-Lot burst upon the scene with his seminal song and video, "Baby Got Back." Watch the video below and marvel at the audacity, the boldness of his declaration: "I like big butts and I cannot lie." [youtube]7Y3vqhpdnxE[/youtube] "Baby Got Back" has gone on to be one of the most frequently covered songs of all time. You may have noticed this if you've ever gone to a bar with karaoke. Baby Got Back is almost inevitably sung. This retrospective is not, however, about the drunk and deeply embarrassing crooning of your uncle about his anaconda. There have been many skillful reinterpretations of Sir Mix-a-Lot's masterpiece that we will examine today. It turns out that Sir Mix-a-Lot was not even the first to perform the song. He was actually covering an earlier version from Bob Dylan. It's a little known fact that Bob Dylan actually wrote most of the number 1 hits of the past 30 years (via LawGeek). [ifilm]2842442[/ifilm] Edit: for some reason iFilm isn't allowing embedding. Here's the link: Jonathan Coulton gives perhaps the most soul-searching performance of the song. Where Mix-a-Lot employed bravado, Coulton exposes the layers of his soul. We truly believe he "wants to get with you, and take your pretty picture." Anyone who can watch this video without shedding a solitary tear, like a native American looking at a polluted landscape, is inhuman. [youtube]Ltjbnyvq_SI[/youtube] By this point it should be surprise you that "Baby Got Back" has made it's way to the stage as well. In this Gilbert and Sullivan production, a modern major general adapts Mist Mix-a-Lot's opus to instruct a lust band of pirates on the benefits of badonkadonk in order categorical. [youtube]qkJdEFf_Qg4[/youtube] Legendary lounge singer Richard Cheese contributed this late version, adding a certain sexual menace that was underplayed in the original. I dare any lady to listen to this song and not swoon, head-over-heels. [youtube]KCv2cgIlnHA[/youtube] In this final video, we have proof that the song is irresistible. Even the threat of Wal-Mart bannage is not enough to stop it. [youtube]1GKaVzNDbuI[/youtube]