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Your Own Personal Digital Future

We often complain about the future not being so futuristic. Where are the flying cars, the teleporters, the personal ray guns? These complaints are simply whininess. A mere look at your cell phone and bluetooth headset shows that the future is here. Thus I speak of time travel merely through change of perspective. The ability to get to the future can be done with righteous self-determination. Corporate self help novels teach us that visualizing our goals. People who write out what they plan on doing are more likely to achieve results. Thus, let us write down our vision for our own Personal Digital Futures! All plans should be S.M.A.R.T. That is, Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. To place our bets on technologies not yet created would be to violate the realistic and Timely criteria. So the flying cars, mind body interfaces, and robot sex servants are out. This leads us to our home life. There are plentiful futuristic devices you can add to bring you in to the future. What follows is My Own Personal Digital Future Concept to make my living room into a 21st century domicile. A quick note: the easiest ways to make a quick jump into the future is to buy a robot vacuum. They're relatively inexpensive, save you time, and instantly you've checked having a robot helper off the list. Yes, if you are too lazy to pick up the floor the robot will continue to sit idle, but you'll know your one step closer to Johnny Mnemonic just by looking at your Roomba charging in the corner. The future is all about convergence. My Own Personal Digital Future allows me to buy, piece buy piece, an integrated media experience, all ran through my TV, and accessed from my Sofa. All of my entertainment in one, and I don't have to buy everything at once to make it work. 1. 37"+ LCD or Plasma screen TV with DVI input- Every Sci Fi move has a wall mounted, flat panel TV. The DVI Input is important for the next step. 2. Computer Graphics card with additional DVI Output- Now my TV is my monitor for when I watch video on the internet. See how this still gets me one step further, even though my total future isn't complete. 3. Wireless Keyboard & mouse w/ 30' range- Now I've made it to my couch. Now my TV is my monitor unless my wife or I want to use the computer while the other person is watching a DVD or playing a video game. That's why the DVI output is additional. 4. Bluetooth adaptor for my PC- Now I can wirelessly send info back and forth to my Smart phone. Why wasn't the phone in this list? Because I already have it... This is My Own Personal Digital Future. My phones also my mp3 player... BAM! 5. Bluetooth Stereo Headset- What's that! now I can use my headset to listen to either my phone, or my computer, which I activate from my couch. Starting to feel like the future. 6. Windows Media Center- Look, you can bitch and moan about Microsoft, but they went and made a program to totally integrate all of my entertainment through my wireless computer which I control from my couch. See, in 6 easy steps I'm living out of a sci fi film. How cool is that? It's written down and planned so I know exactly what I have to do to get to the future. I am self actualized. So follow my lead, and plan out Your Own Personal Digital Future.