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I want a 3D Paintbrush!

How awesome would it be to have one of these to play around with for a while? [youtube]AARs00nrW7I[/youtube]

Once you go Black, You won’t go back.

The last video in a series of podcasts made for Adidas (apparently to celebrate individuality and creativity but also to sell shoes), Black is directed by Saimon Chow, and is for sure the most disturbing of all of short videos, and definitely the best. Check out the other videos at [youtube]G4W45qKGiz4[/youtube]

Deviant Artist Becomes World’s Greatest Fan-fic-er

An artist named *spacecoyote posted two "fan-fic" anime-style drawings of The Simpsons and Futurama characters to the popular art site Less then a week later, she was signed on to work for Bongo Comics - owned and created by Matt Groening (creator of both series) on anime-style Simpsons comics. She also might be working with 20th Century Fox as well. How's that for a nice little bit of happiness from this "Web 2.0" world? Post some junk online that you think your friends might dig and instead of a lawsuit (more common) you get a job? Please do check out *spacecoyote's drawings - I especially like her realization of Marge, Patty and Selma in the Simpsons drawing. Here's the official deviantART posting on the topic if you'd like to leave her some props.

Gorillaz Take Over Paris

This latest story is an example of someone actually having fun in the music industry. Danger Mouse, the producer behind the latest Gorillaz release, and Banksky, and artist who places fake paintings into art galleries, have teamed up to remix and redistribute Paris Hilton's new CD. I say bravo to them both for taking a worthless throwaway piece of crap and actually making it an interesting piece of art. So much entertainment today is disposable and without substance. Remixing Paris' album is like building a sculpture out of aluminum cans, MC Nugget boxes, and other waste products. I am sure many people will be offended by this, namely the record company, but that is because they have no sense of humor. Corporations have been taking the fun out of music for years. Look at MTV, when someone used to win a Video Music Award they accepted it as a joke, but now it is some serious honor to win. Musicians are more concerned about ringtone sales, than their albums. Music is about not taking yourself so seriously, if you want to do that take an office job and be boring like the rest of us. I'm glad Danger Mouse still has fun with music and hasn't become a "serious artist" who wouldn't want to harm his career by participating in a guerrilla art project.