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Ann Coulter She Wolf of the SS

You may have recently heard that Ann Coulter called John Edwards a faggot. Well she didn't directly call him a faggot she more indirectly called him a faggot, but she still thinks he's a faggot none the less see for yourself: [youtube]Sx9Bi3C4rs8[/youtube]   Now every politcal candidate is running around decrying her remarks and calling her reprehesible, but as you will notice from the clip many people in the audience are aplauding her remarks. These are the people Ann Coulter is trying to appeal to. There are lots of idiots in this country who hate gays, immigrants and women's rights and want to go back to the good 'ol days of the 1950's when White Men were on top and every body else was shit. Quiet frankly I don't see anything wrong with what she said. This is America and one of the most import rights is freedom of speech. This includes making ridiculously stupid comments. Ann Coulter has made a career out of making outrageous statements and as long as there are people willing to buy her books I don't think she'll be stopping any time soon. Also wouldn't you rather have somebody announce to everybody that their an asshole rather than be nice to your face and then turn around and say how much they hate you. Like her or not I respect Ann Coulter's honesty with what she belives in no matter how crazy. Of course that being said she is a total idiot and 99% of the time has no idea what she is talking about. The following clip demonstrates this: [youtube]vIsvMSEYiK4[/youtube] There also is something strangley sexy about Ann Coulter. I think its that whole evil Nazi she wolf vibe. I could imagine her running a concentration camp and spanking me with some leiderhosen. She also kind of looks like a tranny with that long neck and manly hands. I swear you can see an Adam's Apple in some shots. But I think the person who should have the final word on the subject is good 'ol Henry Rollins, who says it best in his letter to Ann: [youtube]ZgSBhlw-o9E[/youtube]