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Random Acts of Kindness, Japanese News Story at 11

This morning as I was getting ready for work I saw this little tidbit: Money Found In Toilets Across Japan on my personal yahoo page.  Go and read it, it's pretty short.  Or if not, here is the gist.  Someone put 10000 yen bills in the bathrooms that were all wrapped up very nicely and in a very Japanese style.  That is about $82 for those of you who don't know the currency exchange.  They had a nice note attached to them that said something about using it towards self-enrichment and that there was only one per person.  It is speculated that there was about 2 million yen found (about $16,000.00 and some change) in fifteen different prefectures around Japan. What would have happened if this anonymous fiscal do-gooder had done such a thing in the US?  I think it's something to wonder, especially since the Japanese one said "take one per person" and they actually did. Would Americans follow the rules? Or would they suck and ruin it for everyone?  I think that goes to say a lot about a culture. What would you do?  Would you just take one, or would you take a fist full?  When there are free samples/handouts do you just take one or do you take 5, 10, 15?  I think it's time for you to consider this question and leave a response.