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A Few Quick Tips on How to Beat the Endless Set List on Rock Band

Yes, I did it.  My band Killasaurus Visage (me, my brother the shig, my husband and the vic)  played through 58 songs and beat the endless set list on hard and expert.  The songs in the  set list goes can be found here.  Those are not in order  and include both the regular tracks and the bonus songs (I couldn’t find a list online of just the endless set list order and I don’t have the time to type it all out right now, sorry!). Thank god that we didn’t have to play the downloaded content as well cause 58 songs is really pushing the limit of what a group of people can do in one day.

Anyway, here are the facts and what we did to get through it.

  • It took us 6 hours and 5 minutes (stopping only for refills and restroom breaks)
  • Some of the hardest songs are the bonus songs since you don’t play them as regularly as the other tracks and they are not familiar songs (at least for us)
  • If people are playing mixed levels, the lowest level is what everyone will end up beating it as.  The Shig on guitar and The Vic on bass played expert but Ry played drums on hard and I sang on hard (I should have gone on expert but I didn’t want to mess it up for my band!) so we beat the endless set list on hard.
  • For your singer: mix lemon juice (I used from concentrate) in with something warm like tea. Don’t skimp on the lemon juice either, I put in about 1/4 a cup into each cup of tea.  Believe me, this works.  When we did the Rock Marathon (18 song set list) I did not use this method and after that your throat feels a little scratchy and achy.  I used this method for the entire 58 song set and my throat felt fine.  A little sore but definitely not as bad as it would have felt had I not done this.
  • It’s okay if you fail a song in this set list.  Take a short break and try again.  You will lose fans but you gain them back when you finish the set list.
  • Take it easy in the beginning and don’t take long breaks at all.  If you stop you are not going to want to start again.  And I am telling you, you will be exhausted after this (especially your drummer.  Our drummer runs in marathons).  But it’s worth it.

We got 261 out of 290 stars on this set list if you were interested in knowing.   And $34,000.  And 40,000 fans (we failed two songs in this set list so I think we were just earning them back, we had already maxed out the amount of fans we could have on the hard setting).

After you beat it you obtain legendary status and you can feel like a bad ass for playing a rock video game for 6 hours straight.

The Coolest Halftime Show Ever

Check out this cool marching band.  Their halftime show is a video game showcase.  Way cool.  But don’t take my word for it!

YouTube Preview Image

Where is My Weighted Companion Cube? Also, the Cake is a Lie.

thecakeisalie.jpgIf you had played Portals, one of the five games on the Half Life Orange Box available for Xbox 360, then you would know what I am talking about. Or you might have played it on an emulator, which is illegal and you will be found and flogged. But it’s a fun game that makes you think about the important things in life, like not following others commands blindly, whether to destroy your only friend and whether or not there is actually cake. While tooling around on the internet I found this cool site I wanted to share with all of you.

Check out ApertureScience. When you first go there it will look like an old computer with the black and green screen. Some of you may remember those back in the day. Anyway, there are several things you can do here. I don’t want to ruin the fun for anyone, especially those of us who remember how to use these green and black screens, so if are not getting anywhere, click here to be directed to a page that tells you how to do all the fun stuff on this page. I think the computer actually flicked me off while applying to work for Aperture Science. Well, either way, have fun.

And just because it’s the best thing, here is the portal ending song.

YouTube Preview Image

Flyover World Series? Get over yourselves

I started hearing it this morning, but I guess I should have expected it. With news of the Indians being one win away from the World Series, apparently Fox executives are worried about a “flyover” World Series between Cleveland and Colorado. Boo freaking hoo.

I’ll concede that the potential viewing audiences for a Red Sox-Cubs or a Yankees-Dodgers series could be more numerous than an Indians-Rockies series, just by dint of sheer population. And I could argue that the viewers that matter – the real baseball fans – will watch a World Series no matter who’s playing. Even if it were Florida and Toronto. The only benefit to a coastal series is that all the hangers-on – the girlfriends who wear pink Red Sox caps – might tune in. But if the ads are directed to a hardcore baseball fan, then what good do you think they’ll do for an audience of hangers-on?

But the real problem here is the bigotry of geography. I’m a meat-and-potatoes Ohioan, regardless of where I live. Any time I hear the term “flyover state,” it incenses me more than these East Coasters can understand. I’m proud of where I grew up, and I take particular pride in the success stories to come out of the Midwest. Such as this year’s Indians team. Nevertheless, East Coasters – particularly New Yorkers – feel compelled to treat the vast majority of this country like a third-world hellhole.


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