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Borders Stores in the UK are removing the Tintin Graphic Novel "Tintin in the Congo" after a customer complained the book was racist. Imigran For Sale, The book does contain racist depictions of Africans as subhuman savages who come to worship Tintin and his dog Snowy as gods. Imigran from canadian pharmacy, The book as been widely referred to as racist and has not been available in an unedited version until 2005, which featured a disclaimer explaining about the colonial period in which it took place, Imigran results. Ordering Imigran online, The customer was not fully happy with Borders decision and wanted the book removed from the store like other racist material.

I think Borders made the right decision in moving the book from the children's section, purchase Imigran, Discount Imigran, but what about the other Tintin book's. The feature negative and stereotypical depictions of other races such as Indians, Imigran trusted pharmacy reviews, Effects of Imigran, Asians and Native Americans. They also feature alcohol abuse by a drunken sea captain, Imigran For Sale. Couldn't the point be made that none of these books are appropriate for children and should be placed in the adult graphic novel section, Imigran cost. Imigran recreational, These books were written in the 1930's and feature a much different sensibility than today's ultra PC climate.

Getting offended at these books doesn't make sense because they were not written today, online Imigran without a prescription. Imigran use, It was a different time period and you have to understand that when reading them. Imigran For Sale, I still think the books are appropriate for children but parent's need to explain to them that the depictions of people are not real or true, after all it is still a comic book. People used to think that way but it wasn't right and today we have progressed to be more accepting of people in our society, Imigran samples, Taking Imigran, hopefully.

The suggestion to ban the book outright, get Imigran, Imigran no prescription, just because it is "racist" is ludicrous though. What is the point of freedom of speech and the press if we start banning books because they are offensive, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Imigran mg, Should Huckleberry Finn be banned because the "N" word is used in it. Even though that was the commonly used word at the time period, Imigran For Sale. How can we get an accurate sense of a historical time period if we censor language, Imigran from mexico. Herbal Imigran, Should "Mein Kampf" be banned from books stores because it is a racist document. Or does it still have value as a historical document that can be analyzed today to see what created one of the worst events in human history, Imigran canada, mexico, india. Order Imigran no prescription, Editing the past to make it seem more PC does not help people, nor does it make the events go away, order Imigran from mexican pharmacy. Doses Imigran work, The past needs to be looked at with all of its unpleasantness in order for people of the present to learn from its mistakes and make sure they don't happen again. Imigran without a prescription. Imigran class. Imigran reviews. Imigran coupon. Buy Imigran online no prescription. Imigran street price. Imigran steet value. Imigran maximum dosage. Generic Imigran. Imigran pharmacy. Order Imigran from United States pharmacy. About Imigran.

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  1. Reading a number of posts on Tintin, everyone seems to come back to this same point: Tintin is an historical document, we shouldn’t be offended by it, and should even welcome it as instructive.

    Which leads me to some questions (some of which I addressed in a post at

    1. What does it mean that one enjoys a book that is so racist? This is a serious question. There are many books from which to choose, yet one chooses racist material? Huh?

    2. You say that “that is how people thought back then.” Which people? Obviously, you’re universalizing white Europeans. Africans and black people across the world didn’t think like that, so it is worth reflecting on the “everyone” word here…a bad habit? Worth examining.

    3. Why shouldn’t we judge history? Colonialism murdered tens of millions of people. King Leopold’s rule over the Congo – important because the Tintin in question was written by a white Belgian about Congo – murdered half the population. Read Hochschild’s King Leopold’s Ghost. It might make you less nonchalant about history. I guess I feel perfectly confident in condemning colonialism and its attitudes.

    4. Why is Border’s required to sell racist material? There is real harm. It makes people feel like shit. Check out:

    for some thoughts on that. But the real question is why we should get uptight about Borders saying “no, we don’t want to sell that shit.” What does it say about “us” when we ask a business to sell such material, especially in the kids section? (I know you’re not saying that.) But even in the “adult” section. Why do we want it there? Why this sudden “we must preserve history!” rally amongst so many who haven’t seemed so interested in such preservation until their childhood books are threatened?

    Isn’t that what libraries are for, archives and the like?

    July 14th, 2007 at 12:36 pm
  2. Colonialism murdered millions of people ??? Come one, what a joke ! Slavery, intertribal wars, cannibalism, have been stopped by colonialism !
    And above all, infant mortality !
    After 40 years since the end of colonialsims, not much has evolved in Africa despite it is the wealthiest continent in term of natural ressources. And Europeans did not take them all !
    What are the official language in Africa and why ? Why don’t they enforce a real african language as official except a few (swahili…) ?
    Same can be said of countries that have never been colonized !
    Slavery even came back.
    Look at the current state of african nations today and you will see that the prevalent corruption and incompetence is quite similar to what you can see in Tintin au Congo !

    Fed up with these africans trying to push the responsibility of their failures and shortcomings to others !

    July 15th, 2007 at 1:31 am
  3. OK, so that’s both a catastrophically poor understanding of colonialism (recommend: Hochschild’s King Leopold’s Ghost) and off point. Unless you’re saying that Tintin in Congo is an accurate depiction of Congo, in which case, well, I wonder if you’ve seen the book and the depiction of Africans.

    July 15th, 2007 at 11:01 am
  4. In Congo about 10 million people were murdered under the reign of king Leopold II. That’s a fact.

    Now about the book: I’ve never read it, but IMHO it shouldn’t be prohibited as it’s pure fiction. It’s not a serious book and shouldn’t be handled as one.

    March 30th, 2008 at 4:26 pm
  5. i dont think the books were written like that really…thats like saying we should ban old books about how women were treated…the tintin comics were great and well written…thats all i can say..:)

    tintin web general directory
    April 5th, 2008 at 4:02 am
  6. I’ve never read this one. However, I do know that at the time it was written people were offended by the racism. I think the story goes that a Scottish preist (if someone does know, please tell me) was highly offended by the material and after hearing that Tintin was going to go to China wrote to HergĂ© and told him that it would be shameful if he dipicted Chinese people as cunning, greedy people who ate swallows eggs and wore braids etc. The priest put him onto Chang, who taught HergĂ© about Chinese culture; Chang features in The Blue Lotus (where both Tintin and Chang have a laugh about negative cultural stereotypes and how stupid they are) and in Tintin in Tibet.

    It can be noted that in the other Tintin comics (I’ve read most of them) that although there are racial and social stereotypes used, they are not derogatory and Tintin always shows friendship with everyone and doesn’t discriminate between people, no matter what their race, species, or drinking habits may be. The discrimination is always between good and bad.

    May 24th, 2008 at 4:54 am

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