What’s Wrong with Mainstream News Reporting, from Mika to Moore to Murrow

Many years ago, I got a bachelor's degree in journalism. After considering a few $20,000 per year job offers, I decided to work in web development instead. For a few years, I would read the paper or check out the news and wish I was writing instead of coding. Not so much any more. I don't think I could put up with the crap. Much like Mika Brzezinski from MSNBC, who just couldn't stomach reporting about Paris Hilton any more: [youtube]6VdNcCcweL0[/youtube] But it's not just about fluff like Paris Hilton. We already know that judging by sheer weight of coverage, Anna Nicole Smith's death was much more important that the passing of Kurt Vonnegut. The real problem is that since 9/11, the fourth estate has acted a lot like the first estate's adoring puppy. You might not be a huge Michael Moore fan, but take a look at this video at CNN (CNN doesn't provide any way to embed video, so I can't post it direct). Wolf Blitzer has not sunk quite to the National Enquirer level, and he's not exactly a partisan hack either, so he got two points above most of the people on CNN, Fox, etc. But Moore is right - Wolf Blitzer is one of the few people in the world with the ability to ask Bush, Cheney, and other very powerful people the questions that need to be asked. And he has largely failed to do so. I love The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, but every time I watch I also become a little sad. Sad because these are the only shows that bother to call public figures and politicians on their obvious BS, and they are comedy shows! For the past 6 years, the fake news has performed more of a public service than the real news. I wonder if Edward R. Morrow would be working for Comedy Central today. I don't want to end this on a down note, so just for fun, here's an example of the best reporting on TV today: .

  1. I had actually seen the sicko report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on CNN while waiting in the jury room last week. I really did think that everything he said about the movie seemed to be very small and nit-picky, nothing had any substance. I really do think Michael Moore has a very good point and that the guy interviewing him is an idiot.

    Mika Brzezinski is the one I feel bad for. She works with morons. Those men are mindless and while I respect her for taking a stand on what should consist of breaking news and what should be left for the “fluff pieces”, they do not respect her at all and just treat her like a child. I would like to see more people in media taking control back from these conglomerates who only report on what they want, not the actual issues.

    July 10th, 2007 at 7:46 am
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