Amusing Old Fashioned Advertisements, Cigarette Ads

Ah, those were the good old days, back when women knew their place was in the kitchen making dinner for the man of the house and that cleaning was her profession. Back when smoking was good for your health. old-fashioned-ad3.jpg How do these smoking companies know women so well? I thought we kept that smoke in the face hypnotic trance thing under wraps. Maybe she likes you because she thinks your gay for smoking a blueberry cigar (it's wild!). And this ad guarantees that you will get smoking satisfaction with out inhaling smoke. You get the chicks and you don't have to inhale? Score. ancientprejudiceluckystrike.jpg Don't worry faithful Lucky Strike smokers! By toasting the tobacco we have taken everything harmful out of it so now we can stop discriminating against poor cigarettes. They deserve rights too! Look at the substandard conditions they have. 20 to a pack, it's like it's 1904 again and immigrants are all living 45 to a room. Wait, we don't have to discriminate against cigarettes anymore. All of the bad things (scientists call these things corrosive acrids, pungent irritants and AIDS) were removed by "TOASTING" and so now the threat of cigarettes has been neutralized and we can focus on communism again. gra_bdoctor.jpg You know that cigarettes are good for you if doctors smoke them. And they smoke Camels, the doctor's choice. I heard it's good for your T zone. I think that the "T" stands for tracheotomy. 1950_old_gold_ad.JPG Oh, apparently Old Gold didn't get the memo that Camel is the cigarette that is healthy for you to smoke, doctors say so, so it must be true. Anyway, these cigarettes, if I am reading this ad correctly, will grow legs (probably from the carcinogens) and do a little dance for you. That is why it's a treat, it distracts you from the treatment. When you are getting work done on your "T" zone. From a doctor smoking a camel. Tune in next time for old ads depicting the good old days and how women should look and act. What ever happened to the good old days?  If you liked these and want to read more, check out More Old Fashioned Ads and Amusing Old Fashioned Advertisements, women.

  1. One of the most unfortunate things about all of this is that with modern medical care, smoking-related diseases like emphysema and lung cancer don’t just kill you a few years early. The diseases are treatable, leading to many, many years of greatly reduced quality of life. Retirement is not very enjoyable when you can’t go anywhere that requires the stamina to walk up a flight of stairs or an incline. Doctors and nurses can do amazing things with tracheotomies these days but I doubt anyone wants years of first-hand experience.

    June 26th, 2007 at 11:00 pm
  2. Jason, obviously you misread. All women love smoke blown in their faces. So, ALL women must want tracheotomies.

    June 27th, 2007 at 7:41 am
  3. Smoking rules I need to go and buy me a carton right now. I use the T zone for splooging on girls faces as well.

    D WallZ
    June 27th, 2007 at 9:38 am
  4. Geez so thats how its done shit i guess i better start smoking cigars. All this time and its that easy wow. lol

    The Vic
    June 27th, 2007 at 11:25 am
  5. I can see her leaning in and whispering, “I warned you about blowing that smoke in my face,” grabbing his nuts and squeezing hard.

    July 10th, 2007 at 10:53 pm
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