When Comedians Attack!

Joe Rogan is an animal. After years of being pissed of that Carlos Mencia has been stealing from other comedians he finally had enough and confronted him on stage. It is just brutal. Joe totally takes him apart and Carlos' only comeback is to call Joe a "little bitch" ten times. To add further credibility to his argument Joe shows various clips showing Carlos stealing material. Joe Rogan is definitely the last person I would want in my face like that. He could easily kick Carlos' ass but instead he just totally verbally destroys him. Joe was banned from the Comedy Store where this took place afterwards showing just how much free speech is respected in comedy clubs. Visit joerogan.net for more info and to give Joe your opinion on whether you think he was right or just being an ass. [googlevideo]-7841918711943453918[/googlevideo]

  1. Was this the topic on Opie and Anthony today? Either way, hands down Carlos Mencia has nothing on Joe Rogan. Everything he had was sound and could be backed up. I am glad someone has the balls to call him out on it.

    S. H. Skuld
    February 15th, 2007 at 8:42 pm
  2. They mentioned it on the show. Also it was on Youtube but it was banned because Carlos complained about copyright infringement. And they guy that posted it had his account deleted also. Really gay that Joe gets banned while Carlos gets to keep working at the Comedy Store just because idiots find him funny and he’s on TV.

    D Wallz
    February 16th, 2007 at 12:55 am

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