Spain is a Chubby Chaser

In a recent article I read, Spain is banning overly skinny models from fashion shows because they set a negative example for girls self image. All I can say to that is why you hatin’ on hotties Spain? Fashion models give girls a bad self image because that’s what they’re there for. Who you rather our young girls would look to for physical role models, Rosie O’Donnell? I think not. Girls need to have a low self opinion in order to motivate them to keep looking hot. If girls though that they had self worth no matter what they looked like then we’d be stuck with a bunch of egotistical fat girls. And who wants to work that hard just to get laid by a fat chick? Spain, I can appreciate that you like a little more bounce to the ounce, but please don’t discriminate against these young super hot skinny girls, it’s not their fault that they’re born perfect. Firstly if they aren’t allowed to be models what else are they supposed to do? Work a construction job. Please the first time they swung a hammer their thin arms would snap in half. Or maybe they should go to school and be doctors? How are the other students supposed to focus and study with such hot girls in class, I for one would have to drop out of med school do to all the chronic masturbation over my fellow skeletal students. But the real victims here are gay men. Obviously all the men in the fashion industry are gay, so of course they are going to pick the women that look the most like teenage boys. Tits and asses are like Kryptonite to gay men’s dicks. Show them a picture of Scarlet Johansson and their balls retract into their abdomens. All those feminine curves ruin the lines of their sleek new fashion designs. After all it’s their show shouldn’t they be able to pick the emaciated girl of their dreams? Quiet frankly I won’t allow these poor girls to be discriminated by you Spain. I have started a protest campaign with Kate Moss. It’s called Lines for Leanness. We’ll be doing over 200 lines of Coke in an hour in the bathroom at Spy Bar to raise awareness to our cause. Keep you heads up ladies, unless you’re too weak from hunger, then just lie on the floor and keep your chin in a slightly elevated position.

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