Playing with your Wii

It's great to be an Electronics Merchandiser for a megalithic retail corporation. I got to play Wii tennis thanks to my employers, and honestly, having spent five minutes smashing a store manager friend of mine, I can honestly say the hype is real. The control is right on responsive. I won primarily because I swung like I was playing tennis, as opposed to playing a tennis videogame. Even pulled off a tasty bit of spin with a little flick of the wrist. Fighting with 7000 people to get on a system doesn't leave you much time for replay. Nintendo had some of the other Wii sports on tap and some demo's showing how the controllers work (including a targetshooting game that started off with the ducks from duck hunt flying around). Talked to another Electronics guru who said the baseball game was spot on. This systems's appeal to non gamers is going to be HUGE. Discount retail store managers are generally not big on video games. A lot of them haven't touched a controler since the Atari 2600. Yet here they were crowded around the Wii display. "That feels just like playing baseball." "I'd buy this." "I could actually play this with my kids." The buzz was serious. Nintendo has the potential here to come out on top. They're not just going to grab market share, they're going to expand the market. Believe that.

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