What are you eating under there?

That one never gets old. Annie Mo's post about the appropriate body type for the people who are supposed to be helping you exercise has inspired me to share a few things. In the spirit of helping each other help ourselves to weight loss, there's a low-tech solution: a do-it-yourself diet tracker you can print out. In general, Lifehacker is a good place to go for web 2.0 weight loss and other cool toys. If you are a little too modern to want to use ink on dead trees, you can try Mealographer, a web site that lets you enter meals and find out the fat, calories, etc. that you have just thrown down your gullet. You can save meals and set goals to see if you are eating healthier over time. Mealographer even has a feature to suggest foods based on meals other users have entered. For some extra motivation: [youtube]aDDP__JDWPA[/youtube] Got a favorite tool you have been using? Post it in the comments below.

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